April 29, 2010

Passion Week in One Day

Monday morning I am leading a couple and their friend around Jerusalem on a very directed study of the Passion Week of the grave-conquering Messiah.  I have been looking forward to it for quite a while - rarely do you have the opportunity to focus in on such a specific period (normally I will cover from Abraham-Mohamed in 1 DAY - 2100 BC-640 AD - 2750 years vs. 7 days!)  We will start with the triumphal entry and make our way through the rest of the week stopping at the various sites which are mentioned in the four Gospels.

Here is a satellite view of what our 5 1/2 mile trip will look like.
1.     Mt. of Olives - Triumphal Entry (Sunday or Monday of Passion Week Luke 19:37-40) 
2.     Dominus Flevit – Triumphal Entry (“the Lord Wept” – Luke 19:41-42)
3.    Temple Mount (Monday or Tuesday-Thursday of Passion Week - Mark 11:27-30)
4.     Southern Temple Mount Steps (Monday or Tuesday-Thursday of Passion Week - Matthew 23)
5.     Room of the Last Supper (Thursday Night of Passion Week - John 13-14)
6.     Garden of Gethsemane (Thursday Night/Friday Morning of Passion Week - John 18:1-12)
7.     Herodian Quarter (Friday Morning of Passion Week - John 18:13-27)
8.     Herod's Palace (David's Citadel) (Friday Morning of Passion Week - John 18:28-40)
9.     Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Friday Morning-3pm of Passion Week - Mark 15)
10.  Austrian Hospice Overlook – Ascension (40 Days Later - Matthew 28)

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Larry Mayo said...

I wish that I was tagging along with you.