April 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Is the stem cell debate dead? Listen to this doctor. Very interesting.

John Piper always has thoughtful things to say, but I found this particularly thoughtful and amusing.

I would not consider myself a fan of rap, but I have never heard rap like this. This song makes my skin feel like a goose's.

"Reformed" Rappers like Shai Linne and LeCrae are creating songs that are both rich in theology and sound. Their music is being noticed by some heavy hitters in reformed evangelicalism. Desiring God has teamed up with LeCrae on a tour called, "Don't Waste Your Life" based on Piper's popular book - with the purpose of spreading the Gospel in inner city America.

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Unknown said...

You love rap. Don't deny it. Being a dirty large man from Texas, don't you have to?